So being a bit of a make-up brush collector, I am a sucker for a new brush!! Over the many years my collection consists of MAC, Hakuhodo, Nars and many more. So I decided to show you guys some of my favourite make-up brushes for those on a budget. Now the usual suspects on a post like this, you would expect to hear brands like Real Techniques and Sigma. They are included in this post but I also wanted to show you other alternatives too. So hope this was helpful to some of you and please leave any recommendations you may have for me to try in the comments!! 

Real Techniques "Nic's Picks" - CURRENTLY ON SALE!! (Set of 5)
Sigma F82 - Lovely for foundation
Sigma E25 - Dupe for MAC 217
Primark Pink Duo Fibre Brush - £1.50
Primark Large Powder Brush - £1.50
Everyday Minerals Blending Brush - Great for Concealer and Eyeshadow
Everyday Minerals Angled Blending Brush - Super soft, amazing quality 
No. 7 Smokey Eyeliner Brush - Very small, great for detail work and very soft
No. 7 Concealer Brush - Great for a full coverage concealer look
Unknown said...

What are the bigger brushes in Nic's picks? I've followed the link but it doesn't say. This was a great post and thanks for letting us know about the sale! X

itslinamar said...

Hello! They come in the set of 5, so they're included in the pack. They proper names that are on the brush for those are "duo fibre face brush" and " cheek brush" :) Hope it helps, the link should be for the set of 5, I haven't seen this design be sold individually xx