An introduction to Transitions lenses...

If you're unaware what they are. Here's a brief breakdown;
Lenses that darken according to light intensity and revert back to their clear state in the absence of natural light.

Since the age of eight, I've needed to wear prescription glasses. I suffer from very sensitive eyes that water in bright surroundings. Chopping and changing between sunglasses and glasses can be a nightmare. Prescription sunnies can also be quite pricey too! 

Alternative? Contact lenses and sunglasses. However, my astigmatism means contacts are not always the most comfortable option. 

This is where Transitions lenses fit in perfectly with my day to life. No need to worry about changing your eyewear according to the weather or light. The lenses do the magic all on their own! Having this option has made my everyday life that little easier. 

As a result of always changing from specs to sunnies, I've lost many loved frames along the way. So, I'm hoping with these glasses firmly on my face I won't have this problem anymore! 

Most days I'm lugging around a huge suitcase full of outfits to shoot, a few different cameras and camera lenses... Meaning my bag is pretty full to the brim. And adding any additional items like sunnies just isn't on my list of priorities. At least with Transitions lenses I don't need to worry about having multiple pairs of glasses on hand for different situations.

You can also choose different coloured tints on the lenses. From Emerald, Amethyst, Sapphire and Amber! So many options to choose from and something I will be exploring with my next purchase.

Perfect pair of glasses for at home, or a day out. The adapting lenses have me covered for any situation. The tint varies from light, mid to dark depending on the light. 

Have you ever tried Transitions lenses before? Or would you consider getting them?