So, if you've followed my social media channels for a while now, you know I like to dress for comfort. 
My style is usually based on the weather, and how practical an item of clothing is for my day to day activities. 

Underwear plays an important role when getting ready and deciding what to wear. 
For one, it's the first thing I put on before my clothes and is the base layer to my outfit. 
If this part of my outfit is uncomfortable or ill-fitting, it certainly won't help me feel at ease throughout the day. 

When I often think of comfortable underwear, I don't necessarily think "sexy". 
And maybe that's where I'm going wrong...
I've often compromised feeling attractive in my underwear just to feel comfortable. 

That is, until my recent discovery...

Wonderbra's everyday essential range makes me feel hella sexy!
I couldn't stop looking at my body in the mirror. This underwear honestly made me feel amazing. 
I love the push this bra gives me, and I feel confident when putting clothes on after. 
Even though you won't see the bra under my clothes, it's given me this boost of confidence to go about my day with extra sass!

So much so, that I even styled up this outfit below, based around the bra itself. 

The shape and lift it gives my boobs! I feel like I've had a boob job, all because of a very well-designed bra. And if lace isn't your thing, they offer some more simple designs that would fit perfectly under a t-shirt. 

What are your thoughts on lingerie and underwear? Can it be both, sexy and comfortable? 
Does good underwear make you feel bold and sassy?
Let me know in the comments :)

(This post is sponsored by Wonderbra however all opinions and words are my own)

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