An introduction to Transitions lenses...

If you're unaware what they are. Here's a brief breakdown;
Lenses that darken according to light intensity and revert back to their clear state in the absence of natural light.

Since the age of eight, I've needed to wear prescription glasses. I suffer from very sensitive eyes that water in bright surroundings. Chopping and changing between sunglasses and glasses can be a nightmare. Prescription sunnies can also be quite pricey too! 

Alternative? Contact lenses and sunglasses. However, my astigmatism means contacts are not always the most comfortable option. 

This is where Transitions lenses fit in perfectly with my day to life. No need to worry about changing your eyewear according to the weather or light. The lenses do the magic all on their own! Having this option has made my everyday life that little easier. 

As a result of always changing from specs to sunnies, I've lost many loved frames along the way. So, I'm hoping with these glasses firmly on my face I won't have this problem anymore! 

Most days I'm lugging around a huge suitcase full of outfits to shoot, a few different cameras and camera lenses... Meaning my bag is pretty full to the brim. And adding any additional items like sunnies just isn't on my list of priorities. At least with Transitions lenses I don't need to worry about having multiple pairs of glasses on hand for different situations.

You can also choose different coloured tints on the lenses. From Emerald, Amethyst, Sapphire and Amber! So many options to choose from and something I will be exploring with my next purchase.

Perfect pair of glasses for at home, or a day out. The adapting lenses have me covered for any situation. The tint varies from light, mid to dark depending on the light. 

Have you ever tried Transitions lenses before? Or would you consider getting them?

Eve Sleep (Click to shop)
Did you know the perfect start to your day begins the night before?

If I’ve had an uncomfortable night’s sleep, I’ll be grouchy the next day. I usually wake up early, not because I’m a morning person but, because I can’t sleep. I toss and turn throughout the night, trying to find the perfect position to sleep in. I get too hot, so end up sleeping with one leg out of the duvet.

That's until recently...

A few weeks ago, I was gifted an eve mattress bundle - and I haven't looked back since.

Being well-rested means I’m able to wake up (without an alarm) and get past midday without wanting to take a nap  - working from home, this can be very tempting… Luckily, I've not been tired through the day since sleeping on this bad boy!

I opted for ‘the original’ mattress. The three layers of foam keep the pressure off and support the body. 

I usually start off sleeping on my back and then always end up turning to my side when I'm about to doze off. This mattress is perfect for side, back and stomach sleepers!

And, it's breathable so it keeps you comfortably cool too.

Having this mattress makes my evening pamper sessions feel extra special as I can't wait to snuggle into my bed after. Wake up feeling refreshed and energised ready for the week ahead!

What are your tips and tricks for being a morning person?

Every year we seem to be bombarded with new trends and "must-have" items of
clothing to take you into the next season, and as lovely as the feeling of buying
new clothes is, sometimes I just can't afford to splurge!
Heck, I don't even have the wardrobe space...

This is where accessories come in to their own!
I keep my wardrobe fairly basic, and invest in timeless pieces. Like a good blazer,
white tee and pair of jeans that fit your body perfectly!
These classic pieces should stand the test of time (I've had this black blazer for
over 15 years!) but you can change the whole feel of an outfit with different jewellery, scarves
& accessories.

I've refreshed this classic outfit with an on-trend, rust orange cross-body bag (which can also be worn
as a clutch for the evening) and added this silky leopard print scarf to give the look a more
"polished" finished.

Here I've used an oversized, bold scarf to add an edge to my pretty basic, monochrome outfit, and tied in to the
colour theme with the black & white, faux-pony hair zebra print bag.

For this look I have featured the same black blazer as before, but this time teamed it with a skirt and cami to show off the delicate necklaces. I've layered two delicate charm pieces, and both are gold-plated with semi-precious gems from the Z For Accessorize collection. I've kept the star/moon theme with my earrings also!

What are your key wardrobe pieces, and how do you like to style them?

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For those who have followed my social media for a while know that I pride my shoe-wear on comfort. If a pair of shoes will make me moan about how sore my feet are, they are a no-no!!

Here's where the "Fluff-Yeah's" come in! Hands down the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever put my feet in. 

Not only do I dress for comfort but also according to the weather. The transitional period between Summer and Winter can make deciding what to wear challenging at times. 

One key thing to always keep in mind is layering! I paired this jumper and pair of culottes with a leather jacket. In the colder months, you could add another layer under the jumper.

Shoes can sometimes be tricky. It's not quite the weather for flip-flops and my winter boots are not ready to come out from hibernating just yet! The Fluff Yeah Sliders give me comfort and keep my toes free to wiggle about!! They're open toe and let me feet breath but the fluffy hybrid keeps my feet cosy at the same time. 

So, if you've followed my social media channels for a while now, you know I like to dress for comfort. 
My style is usually based on the weather, and how practical an item of clothing is for my day to day activities. 

Underwear plays an important role when getting ready and deciding what to wear. 
For one, it's the first thing I put on before my clothes and is the base layer to my outfit. 
If this part of my outfit is uncomfortable or ill-fitting, it certainly won't help me feel at ease throughout the day. 

When I often think of comfortable underwear, I don't necessarily think "sexy". 
And maybe that's where I'm going wrong...
I've often compromised feeling attractive in my underwear just to feel comfortable. 

That is, until my recent discovery...

Wonderbra's everyday essential range makes me feel hella sexy!
I couldn't stop looking at my body in the mirror. This underwear honestly made me feel amazing. 
I love the push this bra gives me, and I feel confident when putting clothes on after. 
Even though you won't see the bra under my clothes, it's given me this boost of confidence to go about my day with extra sass!

So much so, that I even styled up this outfit below, based around the bra itself. 

The shape and lift it gives my boobs! I feel like I've had a boob job, all because of a very well-designed bra. And if lace isn't your thing, they offer some more simple designs that would fit perfectly under a t-shirt. 

What are your thoughts on lingerie and underwear? Can it be both, sexy and comfortable? 
Does good underwear make you feel bold and sassy?
Let me know in the comments :)

(This post is sponsored by Wonderbra however all opinions and words are my own)

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