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Being Indian, I'm very familiar to the world of excess body and facial hair... When I received an e-mail from Pulse Light Clinic in Tottenham Court Road for the chance to try their laser treatment's. I jumped at the opportunity!

I decided to get treatment for my underarm area and was booked in for a patch test. 

What to expect?
You should always have a patch test before a laser treatment to make sure you're suitable to have the treatment done. Before the patch test even begins, you are required to complete a consultation form. This again, will help the therapist determine if you're suitable for the treatment or not, and it is vital that the salon or place of practice carry out this step before your treatment begins. 

The therapist will then complete a patch test on the chosen area, and you must wait 48 hours to see how your skin reacts to the treatment. 

The Treatment & Pain
The sound of the machine can be a little scary at first. It blasts out cold air which helps make the process less painful. Every so often you can feel a hot pin prick, and some area's can be more painful than others. How much pain you feel will vary depending on the individual. If I had to rate how much I felt out of 10, I would say 7.5/10. (10 being the most painful) 

I would still say it's worth the pain as it only last for the duration of the treatment. The overall treatment for my underarms was around 10 minutes, maybe even less. I can already see results from just one session! I will be keeping you updated on my Laser Journey, so keep an eye out for future blogposts. 

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