Happy Saturday guys and dolls! Let's talk underwear. For many years now the triangle bra has been my lingerie of choice. Lucky for me I'm not extremely heavy up top, so these flimsy bits of fabric sit quite pretty on my pre-pubescent body! 

What I look for in a bra? Ok so I'm not exactly on the search for support but I do like something a little unusual. Whether it be a clasp at the front rather than the back, or special detailing, these two beauties from H&M have all that I want in a bra.

The first one is this soft black, floral piece. There's pretty scallopped, lace detail on the strap, along with a clasp at the back so you can make the straps cross over into an "X" shape. I like that you have the option to wear it as a normal bra or give the eyes something a little interesting to gaze upon by crossing the straps!

The second bra is also from H&M. H&M are great for soft, triangle bras that won't break the bank. I have purchased many triangle bra's from Urban Outfitters and they're more expensive and not the best quality in terms of fabric and stitching. Just like the previous one this also has some detailing on the back, creating an almost t-bar strap effect. 

Grey Mesh Bra - H&M

What are your favourite brands when it comes to underwear? Do you have any recommendations of companies that specialise in triangle bra's? Let me know, I love a good lingerie bargain! 

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous!!!! 😍😍😍

Anonymous said...

Omg the pre-pubescent body bit made me laugh haha. They're both beautiful, but the mesh one is my fav! xx

DemiBrochard said...

So cute!