Rihanna - Rogue: This is definitely amazing value for the price! It's definitely one of the more affordable perfumes from my picks but still just as indulgent and beautiful when it comes to the smell! A very musky, floral scent. I'm not the biggest fan of candy like sweet smells, and this is definitely a lot more sophisticated than that. With accords of suede, patchouli, vanilla, amber, wood and many more, this perfume has so much depth to it, and it's perfect for summer or winter days! A lovely evening scent, that is pure sultry, sophistication in a bottle. I have absolutely no complaints or any disappointments with this one.

Jean Paul Gaultier - Madame: A classic fresh fragrance. Still incorportating those musky notes that I can't get enough of, but also adding a little fruitiness to the mix gives this perfume a fresher scent. Similar notes and accords to Rihanna but slightly lighter, perfect for spring or summer evenings. Incredibly long lasting and this perfume is often on offer in boots or superdrugs so keep an eye out for a bargain!

Dior - Miss Cherie: There seems to be a bit of a theme here. Many of my all time favourite perfumes most often than not tend to have a musky undertone to them. One of my favourite scents ever is sandalwood. Whether it be in the form of an air freshner, incense sticks or perfume. I can't get enough of the stuff. This again dons those same woody accords and muskiness as the previous two but also with a hint of citrus. This adds a little zing to the scent, and is one of my all time faves! There are many dupes to this scent. Soap & Glory's righteous butter as well as there Clean on Me shower gel have pretty much the exact same scent. If you want it in perfume form but don't want to fork out the cash then Next used to do a perfume named "Diamonds" that was pretty much the exact copy. However if you're finding it difficult to find this one (as I think it may be discontinued) then try the Katie Price perfume instead. Don't be put off by the brand or the celebrity's name that's on it. Just think, once it's on no one has to know where it's from! They smell so similar you could probably get away with telling people you're wearing Dior... (Yes, I am guilty of doing this...)

Narciso Rodriguez - For Her: And last but not least it's a cult favourite. Now this perfume, my only gripe with it is the bottle. Yes it looks ever so chic and sophisticated but I can't tell when I'm about to run out! Despite small packaging issues, this perfume is just wonderful! No surprise to you all that the base notes in this perfume are; patchouli and sandalwood! (I knew I loved it for a reason) And top notes of; rose and peach. The one negative I have to say about this perfume is that it doesn't last all that long on your skin so I do find myself topping up throughout the day.  For the high price and the fact that it is an EDP, topping up your perfume is really not something you should have to worry about. They do however sell an intense version of this scent, which is probably what I would opt for next time instead of this one. The fact that it would be intense would hopefully mean I would need less product, makig it last longer on me and in the bottle!