Price: £65-£70
What it claims to do: "Softer, cleaer, brighter skin in 7 days

✔ Wireless, and able to take into the shower. 
✔ Good size, compact enough for travelling.
✔ Process of using Magnitone is only 1 minute long.
✔ Machine beeps to remind you to move on to the next part of the face.
✔ Skin was a lot softer in texture, it seems to have removed any small surface bumps on the skin.
✔ I saw slight results after 2 days of using it.
✔ Realxing to use, feels like a facial massage.
✔ Has "sensitive" mode for sensitive skin users.

✘ High price point. 
✘ Only has 2 settings.
✘ Have to use an oil or cream cleanser (this wasn't an issue for me but for someone with oily skin this might be a slight problem)

All in all there isn't really many negatives to this product. I really enjoyed using it and it will become a staple part of my morning skincare routine. 

Looking at the before and after photos you can see a very slight deifference in the brightness. Nothing drastic but definitely a slight improvement than before. To touch there is a big difference. My skin is a lot smoother, and my dry patches have completely disappeared. Having tried it and noticing a healthy change to my skin, it's definitely a product I would recommend for anyone. 
Both photo's taken in natural light with the same camera and settings. No editing, or photo filter was used for either images

Have any of you tried it? What are your thoughts? Anyone else done the 7 day challenge and seen amazing results? Let me know your experience with the Magnitone Lucid!