BRUSH #300
Tapered Blush Brush

✔ Ok, so this may sound like a silly one but ladies, it's the reason we get sucked into buying new things all the time! They look beautiful.
✔ Tapered shape makes it versitile to use for blush, contour or even setting powder under the eyes and around the nose.
✔ Densely packed enough to pick up a good amount of product, but still flexible enough to blend. Making it great for cream and powder products.
✔ Synthetic bristles, meaning it's cruelty free!

✘ High price point.
✘ Longer handle makes it harder to pack for travel in small make-up bags.

BRUSH #301
Flat Contour Brush

✔ Unusual, unique shape. It creates the contour line for you. 
✔ Extremely densely packed, really buffs cream contour products in to the skin for a more "natural" finish. 
✔ Again it looks beautiful, and has synthetic bristles.

✘ Again, the high price point and longer handle issue.
✘ Also, because it is so densely packed I find it hard to blend out powder products.
✘ Even though I love the shape of the brush for contour, I find it quite "big" and as I have a small face, the contour line can look a little messy and more like a blob of colour. So to prevent this happening, I apply my cream contour with a smaller brush first, and blend out using the #301, rather than using it to apply colour.

All in all I do really enjoy using these brushes. I am a bit of a brush collector so I wanted these in my collection. If these are out of your budget then don't worry, the core collection of real techniques brushes work just as well! These haven't necessarily changed my life or make-up application enough to warrant the higher price, but I do think you are paying for the sheer beauty and a higher end "look".  

I definitely want to try more from this range, especially the #201 Pointed Crease brush. Let me know, is there any brushes you've tried and loved from this range? And, what are your top picks for make-up brushes in general?
Unknown said...

I found that with 301 cream contour works really well! And aaaah the 201 brush is amazeballs! I brought two! x