I've tried many different products over the years. Some have worked, some I've seen no difference. The conclusion I've come to, is my skin looks and feels the best when my skincare routine is kept simple and minimal.

I confess to watching beauty bloggers on youtube and being almost in awe of all the lotions and potions they have to play with. Now my skin isn't very sensitive at all so I don't have to worry about new products causing me breakouts. However, I don't feel or see the benefit of some products on the market. Don't get me wrong, everyone's skin is different so not all products are going to suit all skin types!

But I say keep it simple, get good sleep and an early night if you can, and drink plenty of water! These two steps play such a vital part in making my skin feel and look healthy! Of course diet plays a part, but I am no angel and my love for all things sweet is too strong.

Along with sleep and water, here are some products that my skin has been loving recently. Some products are long time favourites and I have repurchased them many times, like the NSPA Night Cream.

REMOVING MAKE-UP: I usually tend to remove my make-up with misceller water, but recently I've added these Formula 10.0.06 "Wipe you face off" wipes to my routine! They're super saturated so one wipe is enough to remove all my make-up. They smell amazing, and the ingredients help to gently exfoliate the skin too. 

CLEANSING: The cleansers I use tend to be cream, oil or balm based and I use it in conjuction with my Magnitone Lucid.  I have normal/dry skin and prefer to give it some moisture. To help keep my skin calm, I've been using the Body Shop "Camomile Cleansing Butter". Quite a light cleanser, not great at removing heavy duty eye make-up but perfect for taking off minimal summer make-up. 

DAY CREAM: My daycreams must have an SPF in them. I really like to keep my skin protected. Even during the winter months. In summer I use a moisturiser with a higher SPF. My current love is the Simple "Kind to Skin Protecting Moisture SPF30" In winter I use the NSPA SPF 15 Day Cream. 

LIP BALM: Pretty self explanatory. I don't like vaseline on my lips as the main ingredient, Petroleum is a mineral oil and doesn't penetrate deep into the skin. Acting more like a barrier on the lips. 

NIGHT CREAM: Night creams can change depending on what my skin needs. I may add an oil or serum in the winter months when my skin is little more thirsty. Either way I always opt for this NSPA Night cream, summer or winter. Ingredients include Vitamin E, ginseng and sweet almond oil. In the morning my skin feels rejuvinated and well nourished. 

FACE MASK: What mask I use changes depending on how my skin is. Currently I've been reaching for the Antipodes "Aura Manuka Honey Mask". I use it once a week. The scent is very relaxing and the honey in this is meant to draw moisture to your skin. Lovely Sunday treat for my skin!

EYE CREAM: I don't use one because I simply haven't found one that works. Any recommendations are happily welcome :)