I can confess that I am a glasses addict! If money was not in the equation I think I would own more glasses than underwear. 

They sit on my face for most part of the day and I need and rely on them to function! One just isn't enough! A girl's gotta have options. However to have options you need to have money... money to buy the frames and also the prescription can be expensive. So why not jazz up your eyewear with some funky, eye catching hardwear!?

I was recently sent this beautiful chain accessory for my glasses and I am in love!
They come in many different sizes, widths and different metals, so if gold isn't your thing opt for silver or even rose gold!! Yes Rose gold. 

All the chains are white or yellow gold plated so not only do they look expensive but they feel it too.
A classy item to add to your eyewear game. This will solve that common problem glasses wearers suffer;
"Where did I put my glasses?" only to realise they've been sat on your head this whole time...

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