Did you mean for it to be orange toned? Or was that after time it turned like that?

Black hair has natural undertones of red, so my hair tends to pick up warm tones quickly. Quick answer, it turned like that over time. 

How do you maintain your curls after having your hair colered? I fear that I'll lose my curls if I color my hair.

I try not to use heat on my hair. So air dry, no straightening which helps a lot! Also not washing it so much, as shampoo dries it out. And once a fortnight I will use a leave in treatment. 100% Organic coconut oil is fantastic! 

Did your hair get damaged after bleaching it?

A little bit, it felt dryer than usual, but regular trims help!

Do you use any special hair products after dying it? Or do you just continue your normal hair-routine?😊

I tend to continue using the same stuff, so nothing specifically for coloured hair. But I do make sure my shampoo's and conditioner's are sulphate free :) 

5. kivnow
How do you maintain it in order for it to remain healthy and grow ?

Minimal heat, and plenty of moisture enriched products. 

Hii How do you keep your hair from looking dry and strawy after you've dyed it? Thank you ♡

Hair oils are great! My fave one is the L'oreal mythic oil. Regular hair masks help too!!

Do you use box dye or bleach? Can you use toner over a box dye blonde? Or just purple shampoo? I'm dealing with some brassiness (I just dyed my hair a similar color)! ✌🏾&❤️ 

In the past I have used box dyes and you can use a toner or purple shampoo, no problem. I would say a toner is more effective. You may have to lighten it again to get rid of the orange, but wait a little so your hair won't get damaged :) 

What is the healtiest way to lighten dark hair? + How would you describe your perfect hair

Perfect hair would be healthy and defined waves/curls. (Shakira hair!) and the healthiest way would be to do in stages to avoid breakage :)

What mask do you recommend for maintaining the colour and keeping the hair nice and healthy?

The Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense Cheveux Epais Treatment for Dry/Thick Hair is amazing!! I could notice a difference after one use :)

10. ajanature
How do you keep your hair that tone?

Toner helps and silver shampoo from time to time to help maintain it :)

Thinking of dying my hair this color but in baliage.. Was it dyed on virgin hair or did you transition? How long did it take to get this light? Is your hair thinner/damaged? Love your vids :-) x

Thank-you Paige :) and my hair had dye from previous home attempts. All in all I would say it took about 2-3 sittings before it was a nice ashy tone, but everyone's hair will react differently to bleach  :)

How do you dye it without making your curls drop?

Don't over process the hair with bleach and heat. if you're going lighter do it in stages, and keep heated styling tools to a minimum. 

And how do you look after your hair post dye/bleach

Frequent masks and treatments, minimal shampooing (as this can dry your hair out) and heat. 
I also tend to use the L'oreal Mythic Oil when styling, which is very rich and helps frizz! :)