Depop fulfils my tumblr, instagram and ebay addiction in one. A popular shopping app that allows you to buy. The layout resembles tumblr and instagram and before you know it you've been scrolling for hours. Oops. 

I purchased this cute little notebook from a depop shop called @the_little_deer
They sell cute homeware and accessories, supporting independent designers. Check out their website here.

The next depop shop is known as; @wildling and sells a mixture of artwork and jewellery pieces. I purchased this copper foil print saying "Be a nice human". They offer many different quotes and designs. Visit their etsy shop here.

And last depop seller has amazing dupes for the Dior "So Real" sunnies! Check these bad boys out. And if you're like me and have a small head, fear not! These don't swamp my little face, they're the perfect size. She also sells them in a few different colours and variations. Check out her depop shop here.