For those who have followed my social media for a while know that I pride my shoe-wear on comfort. If a pair of shoes will make me moan about how sore my feet are, they are a no-no!!

Here's where the "Fluff-Yeah's" come in! Hands down the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever put my feet in. 

Not only do I dress for comfort but also according to the weather. The transitional period between Summer and Winter can make deciding what to wear challenging at times. 

One key thing to always keep in mind is layering! I paired this jumper and pair of culottes with a leather jacket. In the colder months, you could add another layer under the jumper.

Shoes can sometimes be tricky. It's not quite the weather for flip-flops and my winter boots are not ready to come out from hibernating just yet! The Fluff Yeah Sliders give me comfort and keep my toes free to wiggle about!! They're open toe and let me feet breath but the fluffy hybrid keeps my feet cosy at the same time.