A very casual outfit for work today. Just wanted an excuse to wear my new loafers!! Arn't they pretty? They smarten up and "make" a simple outfit (i.e. this one)

 Jeans - Topshop "Jamie" Jeans

Polo Neck - Primark / Bag - Primark / Smaller Necklace - H&M / Crystal Pendant - Wilde Ones

 Loafers - Office "Vectra Brogue Loafers" 

Juliana said...

Love your outfit even though it's quite simple! I think your bag and your loafers make the difference ☺ You look gorgeous as always and I'm absolutely in love with your hair ♥

miowmeeshy said...

ooh ive been looking for a pair of loafers for ages and never known how to style them, deff gonna take some tips from this! x