Here are some make-up and beauty bits I have been reaching for recently. There seems to be a neutral, brown toned theme with most of the make-up used. 

Revolution Eyeshadow - "Hung Up" (LEFT)
"Mocha Love" (RIGHT)
Buttery, soft and a matte texture, for only £1 each! Great range of highly pigmented eyeshadows from the drugstore. Will definitely be checking out more!

This colour is perfect for filling in the front portion of my brows. The lighter colour gives me a softer look and the cool undertone of the pencil compliments the tones in my hair. I also like the minimalist packaging. All round excellent brow pen from Sleek!!

Not many nudes show up on my skin so this L.A girls pencil was a pleasant surprise. Not only is it pigmented enough to show on olive toned gals but it's £1.99 from Beauty Base!! 
Again, surprised that this nude from the drugstore showed up on my skin! A lovely everyday brown shade. Would look even better on someone who has a paler complexion than me. Only negative comment is that it's not in a matte formula, but this is just my personal preference. 
A medium brown shade that has been in my collection for years! This is the reason why I love brands like Essie and OPI. No matter how long I've had the polishes, they seem to last for ages. They don't go thick and gloopy (although nothing a thinner can't solve) and the application is a dream!

Again a brown toned blush with slight shimmer. (Not that noticeable on the skin) Perfect shade for all year round, and looks great with the above lip colours. Probably my most reached for NARS Blusher. 
Now I own both Black Orchid and White Patchouli and I have to say they are both divine! This scent is a little "darker" I would say and perfect for the Winter seasons. Top notes of this perfume include; French Jasmine, black truffle, citrus, ylang-ylang and black currant. Base notes include; Vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, dark chocolate, incense, amber, balsam and vetiver. I love anything that smells like an incense in a bottle! I have spotted a few of these Tom Ford perfume bottles in TKMAXX, so be sure to have a snoop around and see if you can get it at a bargain price! 
abthoclo said...

Revlon Mink! Adding it to my to buy list!! xx