This weekend, I wanted to get out of the house so me and my boyfriend decided on a little trip to Cabana. A Brasilian Barbeque restaurant located in the Wembley Designer Outlet Centre, and also available in other areas of London. 

I have to say I am no professional food critic. Apart from getting the munchies quite a lot and fulfilling those cravings, I have no expertise on the matter. However I can tell you that these Sunday cravings were satisfied. In other words, I would definitely dine here again! 

For starters we ordered spicy malagueta chicken wings, crispy cheesy pockets and "Passarinho" which is just fried chicken!

For the mains I decided to go for "The Beirut" which was a chicken flatbread. It was beautifully flavoured, however instead of breast meat they had used thigh. I personally prefer breast but this is just my personal preference. My boyfriend opted for something a little more "meaty' and decided to get the "Pichana Burger." Filled with beef, along with matchsticks, blackbeans and more...

I did have a desert but totally forgot to photograph it! I instantly knew what I wanted when the words "N-U-T-E-L-L-A" jumped out at me! The banana and nutella pastel. Similar to the cheese pockets but stuffed with nutella and served with ice cream. Not the biggest portion of dessert, and my pocket was certainly not "oozing" with nutella as the menu suggested. However I am a nutella fiend and therefore the whole jar probably wouldn't have been enough for me. All in all I liked the food at Cabana. I would most probably try something different next time, and would definitely give those cheesy pockets a miss. They just weren't all that special. The wings however are probably my favourite thing we ordered. 

Have you guys been to Cabana? If so, what did you think and what did you order?
Give me some inspiration for my next order!
Pull Down The Moon said...

I've been wanting to go to Cabana for the longest time! These pictures are amazing and make me want to go even more! x

itslinamar said...

You should!! The chicken wings are so good! Let me know if you ever try it and what you think xx

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, I'm drooling….x